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Protection  of  women’s  rights is a  matter of immense significance for Pakistan. Many cases of abuse of women’s rights are  reported  regularly raising  concern  about the frequent infringement of these rights. The issue of women’s protection and women’s  rights  varies  in its nature  and intensity throughout the country depending upon the geographical location. Accordingly, women experience difference in their lifestyle and upbringing, and their rights, depending upon the part of the country where they live.
The rural areas appear to raise higher concerns for women protection as they have a considerably high rate of illiteracy and women are largely dependent upon male kinsmen for their protection and survival. Domestic affairs are usually considered a private matter and therefore abuse or ill-treatment in the home goes unreported. This coupled with the deeply rooted perceptions of the limited role of women in society results in severe infringements of human rights.
The major violations of the women rights in Pakistan include, among st others, domestic violence, harassment and sexual abuse, hard and unpaid labor, marriages at a young age and gender based discrimination. It is thus imperative to protect women rights including protection from sexual harassment, injustices and misuse of law against them. The dignity of women should be protected according to the precepts of Islam, protecting them from social injustices and un-Islamic punishments.