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Teacher training program was launched to improve the efficiency and enhance quality of working, teaching and management forces in schools from primary to high level. Community members extended valuable support in implementation of the aforesaid program on self-help basis. The community response was very appreciative and encouraging for us. Majority of the teachers had been offered their services on volunteer basis for conduct of such activities in future. It was small scale program but covering all active aspects of subject purpose. We are intending to arrange this program on sustainability basis. People need leadership for guidance for implementation of any Human resource development activity.
Established seasonal and Afghan refugees schools in camps for education purpose. Seasonal school established in summer vacation in different parts of the country in undeserved areas. Community schools established in scattered and reverence areas for nomadic and Afghan refugees.Distribution of textbooks and cloths delivered to poor students in all parts of the country and Afghan refugees camps. We are collecting textual material in special gathering for onward distribution among eligible students. Community response was very active and courageous for betterment of the poor.Education awareness campaign organized through walks and seminars in remote areas of the country.Scholarships scheme is under process for intelligent and poor students at school level. Financial assistance for outstanding student is under process for admission in medical and engineering institutes.
Pakistan is today facing challenges against many of social evils, but in the last 20 years, drug production and addiction has increasingly become the worst among them. The issue of drug addiction is often overshadowed by the many of the country’s other human development problems, such as poverty, illiteracy and lack of basic healthcare. But the fact is, drug abuse is rapidly growing in Pakistan and in South Asia in general.
Looking into this dilemma, PIHRC decided that a comprehensive campaign against this evil & to specially cater for those who have been physically or emotionally effected by drug abuse and to enable them to come back into the mainstream of life with certain rehabilitation procedure.
PIHRC will start the DARP through providing high quality treatment services for drug users in its residential Therapeutic Communities (TCs) with a total capacity of more than 300-beds. In these TCs teams of psychologists, medical doctors, ex-drug users, vocational trainers and other staff members will be involved in providing Treatment, Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration services to drug users.The Tribal Areas of Pakistan known as the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) is famous for the production and distribution of Drugs. There is no rule of law people just follow their traditions. PIHRC is actively involved in the said area to aware people about the effects of this evil. In this manner PIHRC have arranged several walks, rallies, seminars and print media campaign in the area.
  •   Walks and seminars organized for awareness about the negative impacts of drugs on life.
  • . Campaign against drug production in FATA arranged.
  • . Treatment provided to drug effective persons.
  • . Created alternative business opportunities upon destroying prohibited crops.
    PIHRC work with:
  • Women
Every third woman is illiterate; 60% of Pakistan women are anemic; women are paid 40-70% less wages; every 4th woman who dies in childbirth in the world is an Pakistan.
  • Disadvantaged children
Every third child born in Pakistan is underweight; 20% of them die before they reach the age of five; several work in hazardous industries; majority does not go to school. Pakistan has the large number of child workers. In partnership with the states, NGOs and other organizations, PIHRC strives to identify all classes of children who are out of school.
  • Tribal People
The proportion of tribes living below the poverty line is much higher than the national average. PIHRC and their partners in different parts of the country help the displaced tribal people by building their knowledge, skills and confidence to enable them to assert their right. The focus is on creating community assets, which benefit both the community and the environment.
  • Persons with disability
PIHRC primary objective has been improving their quality of life. They have been a pioneer in developing disability rehabilitation as a focus area.
  • The homeless
Most of the homeless are migrant poor working as casual workers, rickshaw pullers and loaders. PIHRC has identified the problems of the homeless and attempts to address them.
The initiative has launched a health intervention offering specialized care, diagnosis and medicines to the homeless.
  • People living with HIV/AIDS
As PIHRC is committed to overcoming poverty among the poorest and vulnerable groups, HIV/AIDS, which is a cause of poverty, morbidity and vulnerability, is central to PIHRC’s work. The focus of their project has varied from prevention to care and support.
  • Gender
Human development in Pakistan is marked by sharp gender disparities. PIHRC works by advocating through the media and public meetings and dialogue with policy makers, towards progressive changes in the laws, policies, institutions and social processes which impact on the lives of women, especially poor ones. They also campaign to tackle adverse sex ratio and for the promotion of women’s property rights.