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Education creates choices and opportunities for people, reduces the twin burdens of poverty and disease, and gives a stronger voice in society to those who often go unheard. For nations it creates a dynamic workforce and well-informed citizens are able to compete and cooperate globally – opening doors to economic and social prosperity. Education enables people to transform their own lives and the society in which they live.
In  many  parts  of  the  world  including  Pakistan, children, particularly girls, are denied access to this right. Nearly two-thirds  of  the  80  million  children  not  attending  school worldwide are girls.
PIHRC particularly focuses on improving girl’s access to education.  Millions  of  women  and  girls  living  in  the developing world do not have access to this basic right. By removing the barriers to education we can help girls prepare for the future, training women to have the skills they need to build better lives for themselves, their families and communities. According to World Bank statistics, for every extra year a girl spends in school, she raises her family income by up to 20%.
PIHRC addresses the reasons why children are out of school and involves communities in identifying and overcoming barriers to learning. We work with individuals, governments and partner organizations to address all aspects of basic education. PIHRC Education Projects to date:
1. A Teacher training program was launched to improve the efficiency and enhance the quality of working, teaching and management forces in schools from primary to high level. Community members extended their valuable support in implementing this program on a self-help basis. The community response was very appreciative and encouraging for PIHRC. Majority of the teachers offered their services on a voluntary basis for conducting such activities in the future. It was a small-scale program but covered all the active aspects of the subject purpose. PIHRC is intending to arrange this program on a sustainability basis. PIHRC believes people need leadership for guidance, especially for implementing a human resource development activity.
2. PIHRC has established Seasonal and Afghan refugees’ schools in camps for education purposes. Seasonal schools were established in summer vacations in different parts of the country in under served areas. Community schools were established in scattered areas for nomadic and Afghan refugees.
3. Distribution of textbooks and cloths were delivered to poor students in all parts of the country and Afghan refugees. PIHRC continues to collect textual material in special gatherings for onward distribution among eligible students. The community response has always been very energetic and generous.
4. Education awareness campaigns have been organized through walks and seminars in remote areas of the country.
5. Scholarship schemes are available for intelligent, bright students who are unable to afford the costs at school level. Financial assistance for outstanding students is also under process for admission in different school and colleges.