The Pakistan International Human Rights Commission (PIHRC) was established in 2007 as an independent non-profit, non -political and non-governmental Organization working for the uplifts of human rights in Pakistan. PIHRC endeavors to serve humanity, work for human welfare and to help the downtrodden and the deprived.
The aim is to extend the activities of the Organization throughout Pakistan, initially, to every district headquarters and later to sub-district level and to involve in positive work the youth, who are the future custodians of the country. A civilized society can only exist when the citizens of the state know their rights, respect their rights and fulfill their own obligation to society. It therefore follows that knowledge of human right and dignity is the very basic of a civilized and democracies states. Though there have been great advances in human rights over the past fifty years, we have just concluded a decade in which the world witnessed human rights violations that were shocking in their scope. This course is an attempt to place the issues of human rights in perspective by analyzing its cause and effects as well as ways and means of tackling it and developing the individual’s awareness of the ways and means by which human rights can be translated into social and political reality.
An attempt is made to broaden and strengthen the human rights community and, at the same time, encourage enhanced strategic thinking and more effective action in the defense and promotion of human rights Regrettably, young men and women of our country are facing a crisis of identity and ideology, because of the economic, social and political crisis, through which our country has been passing. Some talented youth, in frustration, are leaving the country resulting in major ‘brain drain’ and loss of talent, which is already in short supply, some angry young men, in disgust and defiance, have taken up violent ways of crime and terrorism. Others with weaker will, in despair, have taken refuge in drugs and in some extreme cases, even resorted to suicide. Pakistan International Human Rights Commission (PIHRC) wants to target the youth and to motivate them to adopt a positive and constructive approach and mobilize their creative energies to remain in Pakistan to serve their country, to work for promotion of human rights, Social Justice, Social Peace, Stability and Public Order. The older generation has the responsibility to inspire and to motivate the youth and to guide them to accept the challenge of peace, social justice, economic development and protection of human rights. At the moment PIHRC is busy in the field of education, health, self-employment, women development, environment protection, drug abuse and poverty.
PIHRC was established by a few energetic and committed young men of society as a Humanitarian, non-Governmental organization in response to the ever-increasing need for alleviating the suffering of fellow human beings. Like other NGOs it started assignments and mass contacts at all levels with every young citizens from all walks of the life irrespective of cast, creed and social status. Naturally it was not possible without the enthusiasms showed by every office bearer and member. Its Head quarters are based in Islamabad. It is running number of projects, covering different aspects of life. PIHRC is making efforts with support of competent and efficient field staff and community members to bridge the gap between the masses and Govt. institutions and international agencies.